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PM: Country before self


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Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has cautioned Barbadians not to allow the “small things” to get in their way of building a better Barbados for all.

He told the congregation at the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Collymore Rock, St Michael, during an ecumenical service of thanksgiving to salute the island’s National Heroes Sunday evening, that societies could fall into decay and decline when citizens were distracted.

“People allow so many small things to occupy their field of vision that the larger issues are crowded out. It is easier for us to lose sight of the big questions by focusing on the little irritations of which life is composed, and of which we will experience in any society wherever we go from day to day, from week to week . . . .”

Stuart said there were way more important questions Barbadians must ask and answer if they were to build upon the contributions of the National Heroes. These included whether citizens were committed to country over individuality, as exemplified by their foreparents.

“The way forward for Barbados is going to remain a pipe dream until we plug into the example of the ten National Heroes whose lives, work and contribution we celebrate and memorialise today.

“Until we look back and see what they did and how we can build on what they have done to make Barbados and indeed the Caribbean a better place; until we settle that score; until we pay our debts as they have paid theirs, the way forward for Barbados is going to be a pipe dream.”

The Prime Minister said Barbadians had a capacity to be great, but they must be ready to not only be takers.

“I want to express the hope that you become sensitive to that duty, to that obligation, because ultimately we would not have realised the dreams of our National Heroes if we do not create a Barbados that includes all, that engages all and that benefits all,” he added. (SDB Media)


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