UPDATE: Weather systems now Tropical Depressions


At 6 p.m. today the Barbados Meteorological Services issued a notice that the two weather systems over the central and far eastern Atlantic were upgraded to Tropical Depression status.

Tropical Depression #8 was located near 13.2N 18.6W or about 405 miles or 650 km ESE of the southernmost Cabo Verde islands. On the current projected track this system is forecast to move well into the north Atlantic by the middle of next week.

Of more significance at this time is Tropical Depression #9 which was located near 13.6N 34.9W or about 1755 mi or 2820 km east of the Lesser Antilles. The system is currently stationary.

Some forecast models indicate the potential for further development of this system over the next four to five days and based on current forecast track projections, it could pose a threat to the islands of the Lesser Antilles as it approaches the region towards the middle of next week.

The BMS will continue to closely monitor the progress of these two systems and will update this information at it becomes necessary. (PR)


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