Clean-up at three schools


New-look surroundings will greet teachers and pupils of the Ann Hill, Irving Wilson and Wilkie Cumberbatch schools when they reopen today.

Ann Hill School, on Pine Plantation Road, St Michael, was closed last week for emergency remedial work on the roof and ceiling, while Irving Wilson and Wilkie Cumberbatch schools, also in the Pine, were shut on Friday evening to allow for a clean-up.

Yesterday, under the watchful eye of Minister of Environment Trevor Prescod, general manager of the National Conservation Commission (NCC), Keith Neblett, and other NCC officials, heavy-duty equipment was brought in to clear the overgrown bush, which had been causing skin irritation problems for students and teachers.


“The Ministry of the Environment, through its agency, the NCC, has entered into a contract with a company in order to get this work done within a short space of time.

We have to complete this work by Sunday evening, which is the cleaning of the entire area,” Prescod said. (HLE) 


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