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Aziza wants her car back


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Former calypso monarch Aziza Kebret Tsgaye Clarke wants back the car she got for winning the 2016 Pic-o-de-Crop finals.

Queen’s Counsel Michael Lashley petitioned the Oistins Magistrates’ Court to return the car to the accused while her matters were pending adjudication.

Prosecutor Station Sergeant Randolph Burnett will respond in two weeks’ time, on May 16, and Magistrate Elwood Watts will then give his decision.

Lashley made the submission as Clarke, 23, of Bonnetts, Brittons Hill, St Michael, was making her first appearance in the Christ Church court yesterday, a week after she was granted bail by the District “A” Magistrates’ Court last month.

Clarke is charged that knowing or believing that Hakeem Stuart had committed an offence of murder, on March 21, she assisted him by transporting him in a car – an act intended to impede his apprehension.

She was also not required to plead to assaulting Constable Patrick Forde in the execution of his duty with intent to prevent lawful apprehension on the same date.

Clarke, however, pleaded not guilty to resisting Constable Forde in the execution of his duty; damaging a pair of sunglasses belonging to him; failing to draw her vehicle MC 92 to the left and stop at the sound of a siren; driving without insurance and failing to register the vehicle with the Licensing Authority, all on March 21.

Magistrate Watts adjourned the matters until August 13 but will give his decision on the submissions on May 16.

Clarke remains on $20 000 bail with two sureties of $10 000 each. She must continue to report to Hastings Police Station every Saturday by midday and is on an 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew. (HLE)


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