Drug tests soon


The drug busters could be bowling at regional cricketers over the next month in an attempt to discourage the use of prohibited performance-enhancing substances.

Barbados Cricket Association’s (BCA) president Conde Riley yesterday revealed that there will be drug testing at the upcoming Colonial Medical Insurance Regional Super50 Cup, which bowls off in St Kitts and Trinidad and Tobago, next week.

“There is drug testing at all regional tournaments. I think that is carried out by the [CWI] Medical panel and there are also a number of workshops about what you [the cricketers] can drink and take. We have a list of substances that the guys are not supposed to take,” Riley told Weekend Sport yesterday.

“There is a medical panel at Cricket West Indies that comes around to all the territories before tournaments and they do educational stuff with regard to the dos and don’ts as it relates to drugs and so on. But if you see an exceptional performance, that person would get tested,” added Riley.

Riley, who made the remarks following a press conference at Kensington Oval where chairman of the senior selection panel, Henderson Broomes defended the selection of the Barbados team. 



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