Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Nomination Day: Mitchell wants to root out corruption


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Land Is One of the major concerns Bajan Free Party leader Alex Mitchell plans to deal with if he wins the St George North by-election.

“The major problem is people having clear title deeds to their land. We also don’t need tourism; what we need is to plant more food – we need to put the plantations into use to grow what we eat,” he said.

He added he had come across issues with roads, drainage and water, which were “simple” problems which should not be as big as they were.

Mitchell went through the nomination process yesterday at the Valley Resource Centre. Initially he had a tough time as two of his delegation were not properly registered as residents of St George North. As a result, he had to find two others, which he managed to do after Democratic Labour Party candidate Floyd Reifer went through the process.

Mitchell complained of how people were not being given time off work to take part in the nomination process, saying this was a recurring problem.

“If you have a job, the boss is not letting you come. There should be some breathing room for people to come to a nomination,” he said.

Mitchell said there was a lot of corruption going on in Barbados and he planned to root it out. He said this was why he wanted to take part in the televised debates.

“I was given an unofficial invitation but now I’m taking part. All those parties are backing out because they know I would catch them when they told lies. I want to give people information, so if the questions lead to the roots of corruption in the [major political parties], then I will say what I have to say,” he said.

As for the campaign, Mitchell said he was receiving good responses from constituents.

“Everybody feels stuck and they want to know why all of these projects are not getting completed. They want to correct a lot of the wrong things going on. The people believe the information I am giving them and I am happy with the reactions. They are seeing information they never saw before.” (CA)


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