More rain forecast

The Met Office is forecasting more rain for Barbados next week. (GP)

After a few sunny days, Barbadians can expect more rain next week.

The Met Office says after several days of rain, atmospheric stability has returned and residents can expect mostly sunny conditions with some slight to moderate haze through Friday.

On Saturday, that will start to change, and by Sunday, the rain should return. They are forecasting occasional moderate to heavy showers as a series of troughs are expected to affect the region during that period.

Last week, some sections of Barbados recorded nearly ten inches (250mm) of rainfall which resulted in flooding and triggered flood warnings and watches. That was the result of tropical waves and troughs which kept the skies overcast and led to extended showers.

The Met Office says the island is in the peak of an active rainy season and Barbadians can expect more days of excessive rainfall that will lead to flooding across sections of the island. Due to the already saturated/moist nature of the soils across the island, flooding will be easier to trigger.

Residents are advised to plan outdoor activities. They should ensure drains are not clogged, gutters are kept clear of debris and monitor official channels for updates. (PR/SAT)


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