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Immunisation vs Vaccination


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Dear Doc,

What is the difference between immunisation and vaccination? –

Terrence Dear Terrence,

Vaccination is an example of immunisation and is the most common method of achieving immunisation.

Immunisation is sensitising the body to an undesired foreign organism, whether a bacteria or virus. The body then becomes prepared or fortified to mount an attack to this same organism by increasing its defense, also known as the antibodies of the immune system.

So think of it as a foreign military sent a spy to a country on one particular coast, but the country becomes aware and increases the number of soldiers on that coast to create a large defense. The spy represents what immunisation does and the increased soldiers is how our body responds and therefore is prepared for when an actual attack comes.

Immunisation is usually done via vaccination; however, it can be done by other means, for example, with polio you are given a few drops to drink.

Vaccination is the method which uses injections to deliver small doses of the antigen “foreign organism” so the body can prepare by creating a defense.


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