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Students hyped for Joshua


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The St Matthew’s Primary School hosted a “Hype Day” on Thursday for Joshua Evelyn, a student who has Cerebral Palsy (CP), to raise awareness about his condition.

A shy Joshua, who is in Infants B, told Nation News being at school was “pretty good” and everyone was friendly.

Sherida Evelyn, mother of Joshua and his twin brother Jordan, said the event was to inform the other students about his condition.

“We’re going to have a video presentation [that details Joshua’s condition], and then we have the holding hands – the human chain link – where we will be singing “Jesus Loves the Little Children” because he’s one of Jesus’ children too.”

Evelyn said the school “never left Joshua out of anything” and was very inclusive of children that were challenged.

“St Matthew’s makes us feel welcomed; from the gardener to the auxiliary staff to the teachers to the monitor. Everybody plays a part with these kids here so when I drop Joshua at the gates on mornings, I do not have to worry about him. He’s here, he’s safe and he’s loved.”

She added that the school acted as a family and she had a great support system which is why parents with children like Joshua should not be afraid to let them be a part of mainstream school.

Students at St Matthew’s Primary held a Hype Day for Joshua Evelyn, who has cerebral palsy. (Picture by Tonia Atwell)

“I hope documenting Joshua’s journey more parents will realise that having a child with CP does not mean you cannot have the support system or you can’t have your child into mainstream school. It might be a bit more difficult and you might have to jump through a few more hoops than usual but you have to be hands on.”

Kathy Goodman-Jones, one of Joshua’s teachers, said he was a great student and she admired the bond he and his brother, Jordan, shared.

“Joshua is a wonderful engaging student who approaches any task given with a zeal and enthusiasm that is inspiring. His brother Jordan is his right hand and as a natural caretaker. He is supportive of his brother’s challenges and endeavours to support him whenever possible.”

Jones said the St Matthew’s family will continue to ensure that Joshua excels in all he wishes to do.

Joshua is due to travel next year to undergo surgery on his hip and hamstrings that could possibly help him stand and walk. (RT)


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