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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Breaking the bank


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A CERTAIN HIGH PROFILE individual almost gave a well known public servant a major heart attack recently.Word reaching Cou Cou is that the individual was hired as a consultant to do some work at a certain institution over a relatively short period of time.After the job was completed he sent in a bill for specific services, and it was so exorbitant  that the public servant was forced  to remark that a loan would have  to be obtained from the International Monetary Fund to pay the bill.Some have queried why the individual was given the consultancy  in the first place. He has a not-too-flattering history of charging dubious fees for services rendered, and some not even rendered.Many years ago he sent in a bill  for over $200 000 for the use of his property to do certain activities when it was not necessary for his property  to be used in the first place.Frequent flyerYEARS ago a trip to any Caribbean island meant that a former operative had to first make her way to Miami  to shop.Now a certain operative’s attempt  to mimic her flying habits might have cost him a pick in a certain office, although similar to the proverbial cat, he has landed on his feet.Word reaching Cou Cou is that irrespective of where the operative  was sent, he somehow always ended  up in England to look for his son.Send him to St Lucia, he would be spotted in London. Send him  to St Vincent, he found a way  to pass through Gatwick Airport. Hopefully he has learnt from his transfer and the rest will just be water under the bridge.In hot water againAN elderly couple want back their money from a certain legal eagle after he failed to do his best in completing a transaction for which they had entrusted their money to him.That undertaken was to have occurred a few years ago.But now if the elderly couple decide to follow through on certain threats  the embarrassment could be spread even further than the legal eagle. That’s because he has moved up  in status and has some new friends. His is a situation that has returned to haunt him.Cou Cou has certain documents that are quite damning and is waiting on specific instructions before blowing the lid on this one.Robin hoodlumQUITE a great deal can occur in a day as the close kin of a former politico has discovered.Seems that he procured a pick at a certain state institution because of his connections, and though he might not have received a new car or been assigned an executive maid, he was put in a position of some authority.Bad move.Apparently, the individual from Day 1, and on Day 2, has become the reincarnation of Robin Hood. But this hood has not been giving any of his loot to the poor.Difficult times ahead
The less-than-scrupulous activities of a certain political operative are being spilled by his estranged  other half.Thus far, two agencies have been made aware of some of his deeds which have led to his enrichment at others’ expense.It might be in the interest of another group with whom he is associated, to distance themselves from him as soon as possible. But it might now be too late.Cou Cou will keep an eye on Coleridge Street to see if his actions eventually lead him to this location  in a different capacity.


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