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COU COU & FLYING FISH: If words could kill . . .


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WHAT DOES BROWN SUGAR, technocrats, governance and unkind words have in common? Everything!Cou Cou was unwittingly undercover at a certain location recently when some upper-end officials were having a sumptuous meal. The menu was quite delicious but it was the appetiser which the group provided themselves that was the most interesting fare.One individual was particularly scathing of Government, accusing it of every infelicity and faux pas imaginable, other than the sinking of the Titanic and the oil spill in the Gulf.Ironically, the main instigator is an individual that whenever one seeks to get the most mundane information from him, he is always quick to quote the rules by which he operates.P.S. The rules obviously only apply when he is in his spacious office.
Finally, acceptance
Any aspirations a certain ageing operative might have had of one last hurrah seem to be almost totally extinguished.Word on the ground is that with every passing week the mantle of leadership is sitting ever more comfortably on the head of the new general. And the ageing general has apparently finally taken note.Cou Cou was informed recently that he told close friends at a northern gathering that his protégé was ready for bigger things and he would therefore abandon his planned comeback effort.Now, all that is left to see is whether his spirited night words resemble the ones uttered the morning after.
Slicker than most
HE IS NOT in office anymore but certain information has recently started to leak out.Cou Cou understands that a certain individual who was once credited as running his operations like a well-oiled machine, might not have been given credit for being just as slippery as he was seemingly efficient.Details have emerged that his offspring benefited from overseas high-end education at minimal expense to himself and in the absence of scholarship awards.How he managed to do it was never originally considered, but now that he has departed people are finding many answers.The mole lives AN INDIVIDUAL once with political aspirations, and previously embroiled in controversy, is back to his old tricks.Cou Cou understands that this mole is creating an unhealthy situation at his work site by undermining the same administration of which he is a senior part. And his motivations are strictly political.Some are saying that the man’s social group is searching for a cause célèbre to deflect attention away from the infighting and sniping in their own organisation, and are content to piggy-back on a non-issue for as long as they can.But their slip is showing and many are saying that their efforts – orchestrated by the political operative – to make life difficult for the head honcho will fail miserably.
L’enfant terrible
CRY BABIES can be found in some of the strangest places, but one would never have expected to find a moaner sitting in this particularly sturdy chair.An individual who uses public relations more than deeds to build his profile, has determined that he is beyond reproach and is crying foul even when no one has specifically targeted him. Most of his actions are being spurred by a quasi friend who sees him as a possible comforter in a time of distress; which his lifestyle guarantees. But the hands of time will not stop and the sweet talker too will pass.
Existing without a brain
THE UNIMAGINABLE has happened.An individual whose associates are now trying to reposition themselves where they were for over a decade, was overheard to make the most asinine of statements recently.He is not known for any great degree of intelligence, but one would not have expected even the biggest buffoon to wish the demise of anyone where health is concerned.
But, this cretin with somewhat of a public profile did just that. And to believe he was once on the state’s payroll.


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