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Sagicor Shield scores


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Results of first round matches of the Sagicor Shield Competition played yesterday:  Zone AAt Lakes: Rocklyn Isolation Cavaliers vs BCL. (no play because of rain).At Blenheim “B” : Sunbeam Builder’s Benfica v Carib Diamondshire. (no play because of rain).Zone BAt Belleplaine: ELD Belleplaine v Yorkshire. (no play because of rain). At Mangrove: BWU 69 in 22 overs (M. Bramble 26, P. Stuart 11 n.o; J. Lewis 4-10, J. Toppin 2-12, P. Barrow 2-21). Crane & Equipment  Brereton 70-8 in 26.5 overs (R. Howell 24, L. Applewhaite 10; C. Roberts 4-21, D. Browne 2-10). Brereton won by two wickets.   Zone CAt Content: BRC vs QEH. ( no play because of rain). At The Eyrie: BCC 117-6 in 24 overs (D. Hunte 36, T. Payne 30, S. Blades 17, S. Greenidge 14 n.o; K. Bhola 2-18). YMCA 102 in 23.3 overs (J. Parris 26, K. Bhola 20, C. Branford 14; J. Richards 3-22, D. Hunte 2-24, K. Forde 2-24). BCC won by 15 runs.Zone DAt Ashton Hall: Coleridge & Parry vs Market Hill. (no play because of rain). At Eden Lodge: Wibix 75 in 29 overs (T. Seale 17, J. Applewhaite 15, A. Pile 12; R. Sealy 4-7, S. Alleyne 3-10, A. Gibson 2-22). Ipswich 76-6 in 15.4 overs (W. Harris 25 n.o, L. Clarke 15; D. Carvallo 4-33). Ipswich won by four wickets. Zone EAt Paragon: BDF 86 in 26.2 overs (R. Benn 17, S. Mayers 15, J. Vaughn 11, H. Reece 10; C. Reece 4-21, J. Holder 3-6). Ince Transport MTW 87-1 in 20.4 overs (E. Batson 35 n.o, K. Gittens 10). MTW won by nine wickets.Zone FAt Society: Nature Valley Lodge 153 in 30.1 overs (N. Alleyne 47, D. Grace 35, A. Connell 16; C. Hurley 4-19). Malvern 156-8 in 29 overs (Rashad Forde 52, A. Towler 49, I. Drakes 12; C. Phillips 3-26, T. Shorey 2-30, J. Ferdinand 2-39). Malvern won by two wickets. At Wotton: United 72 in 18.2 overs (W. Hunte 22, O. Belgrave 15; K. Seale 3-8, K. Patterson 3-22). Wotton 76-5 in 13.5 overs (L. Layne 34 n.o, J. Browne 16; J. Roberts 4-14). Wotton won by five wickets.  Zone GAt Crab Hill:  Mount Gay North Stars 171-5 in 33 overs (I. Broome 42, R. London 34, A. Campbell 29 n.o, A. Broome 16; J. Murray 3-36). Valrico Foods Conrad Hunte 165-7 in 33 overs (O. Collymore 55, E. Riley 38, E. Watson 15, M. Devonish 13; K. Carrington 2-36). North Stars won by six runs.  At Husbands: Queens College  101-8 in 23 overs (Matthew Clarke 61, R. Ryan 11; J. Leacock 3-9, A. Catwell 2-15). Lester Vaughn 88-6 in 23 overs (K. Mallet 21, H. Cheltenham 16 n.o, J. White 14 n.o, R. Bynoe 2-8, J. Stuart 2-17). Queens College  won by 13 runs. Zone HAt Boscobelle: Boscobelle vs Foundation . (no play because of rain).At Passage Road: Fire Service vs BDFPS. (no play because of rain). (MJ)   

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