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Evil filling spiritual void


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IT IS my belief that a society’s values system is based on the spiritual consciousness of its people.

Where there is a spiritual disconnect, the people will find themselves groping in the dark corridors of evil and wrongdoing.

“Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a disgrace to any people,” Proverbs 14:34. Today’s society has achieved levels of education which surpass those of previous generations.

So educated have many become that they question the authenticity of the Bible as we know it and its words of wisdom.

Solomon, a young king mentioned in this Holy Book, begged of God “wisdom and understanding”.

There is a spiritual element to man and many fail to realise this. They lack understanding.

When the spiritual component of man is devoid of the Spirit of The Holy One, then man is given over to a reprobate mind.

Evil and wrongdoing will continue to escalate unless we get back to those spiritual principles which guided previous generations.

We now seek to instil values in our very young children by creating “child-friendly environments” where the children are not friendly at all, just downright unruly and indisciplined, having no fear of those who are asked to be “friendly”, nor of God to whom they have never been introduced.

We now host shows promoting behaviour that was frowned upon by the society, so much so that those who engaged in such activities were made to feel ashamed. No longer are persons made to feel ashamed of any action.

Right or wrong today is “relative” and we now have “alternative” lifestyles. I am no ordained minister but sin is sin and there is a punishment for sin.

People who do wrong must do so with the understanding that there is a penalty for wrongdoing. If the penalty for committing heinous crimes is death by hanging, then hang the criminals and let us stop creating all sorts of arguments for and against.

Perhaps in all my emotion, I forgot that we no longer have our own “values system” nor identity but have been forced to adopt those of other nations.

We have failed to stand for what we had and have fallen for almost anything in pursuit of monetary gain and international acceptance.

When I read of the horrific way in which six young women perished last Friday, all because of a senseless act by people guided by the dark side of man, my soul wept for my country and for this generation.



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