St Philip folk for Estwick


Many constituents of St Philip West have voiced support for their Member of Parliament, Dr David Estwick, who, according to reports, was not all that happy about being switched to the Ministry of Agriculture in the latest Cabinet reshuffle.
A number of constitutents interviewed yesterday expressed confidence in Estwick’s ability to lend his passion to the Ministry of Agriculture, Foods and Fisheries but also vowed to accept whatever decision he took as a result of the new appointment.
On Thursday night an ailing Prime Minister David Thompson moved Estwick from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the third switch in as many reshuffles of the three-year-old Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Government.
Speculation was rife that Estwick would walk away from the Cabinet after he announced intentions to hold a Press conference Thursday night.
The Press conference was rescheduled for yesterday but was eventually called off.
One staunch female supporter of both Estwick and the DLP said she could not make public statements at this time  . . . “but in light of the illness of our Prime Minister I would like to see everyone coming together to support the PM and to carry the country forward. This is no time for infighting”.
Ervin Catwell did not agree with Estwick’s reassignment from the economic affairs ministry.
“He was doing an all right job. I think that it was a bad move to put him in agriculture, but he is a man that I like and I would support him in whatever decision he takes if he is not happy with the new appointment,” Catwell said.
Edwin Weekes saw things differently, saying the move was a show of the Prime Minister’s confidence in Estwick.
“Agriculture is vital to Barbados and that is a vote of confidence in Estwick with his skills and passion to run agriculture,” Weekes said.
A shop proprietor, giving his name as David, said he strongly felt that his MP should have remained in the Ministry of Health where he was best suited.
“Estwick has my support as this is the third time that he has been moved and he is being used like a pawn and when you play with someone’s emotion it is not right,” David added.
Brothers Winston and Walter Blackman were very supportive of any future plans by their MP but they also believed that the ailing Prime Minister was making adjustments to ensure the stability of the country.
Lionel Layne shared similar views, adding that Estwick was a good man who was regularly looking out for his constituents.
Orlyn Weir commented: “I believe that it was a good move to put him in agriculture as his passion and drive will help to carry agriculture forward.”


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