Caring for mum under pressure


Dear Christine,
I would like some help for my mother who is ill. She has high blood pressure and where she is living there are lots of wicked things going on.
Christine, I would not discuss it here because I don’t want it to get worse, but this is nonsense going on and though she complains to the authorities no one is doing anything about it.
In your old age you’re supposed to be living a happy, healthy life. You should not have to be dealing with people wrecking your home, breaking out the windows and causing strife for no reason at all.
My mother is the best mum the world has to offer and I love her very much. Christine, please help before it is too late.
Why are people turning against each other? We should love one another as Jesus loves us all. We should be helping each other at all times.
– MC
Dear MC,
At any time in one’s life, but especially when one is a senior citizen, the last thing you need is to have to live in uncomfortable circumstances where bickering and strife are an everyday occurrence.
When the affected individual has a chronic, non-communicable disease like high blood pressure, which worsens when they are exposed to a stressful situation, it is even more important for that person to be out of that situation.
Your mum therefore needs to resolve that situation as quickly and as amicably as possible for her health’s sake.
On this point, MC, if your mum is on medication, please ensure that she takes it as prescribed.
Given the amount of stress that she is under, it is vital that she does not skip taking her pills. To do so creates a higher probability of her getting a stroke – and you certainly would not want that.
As to the actual grievance, though you don’t go into detail, what is clear is that your mum’s well-being is under threat from those around her.
Given this menace, you need to involve the police.  To break out windows in a home that is not your own is a criminal act which they can deal with.
If, however, the police say your mum’s case is a civil matter, then you need to engage an attorney to look after her interests.
People need to understand that they just can’t do what they like, when and how they like, with no regard to those around them. That is just not right.
So, MC, try to get some help for your mum through that avenue.
– Christine


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