Tree-mendous damage to car


A large mahogany tree fell on a parked car earlier today in Ferniehurst, Black Rock, St Michael. The car is owned by 26 year old Dane Corbin.
His mother Shirlanne Dottin, said her son was preparing to take her to work around 6.45 a.m, when they heard a loud crash, looked outside, and saw the tree on the car. 
“We have lots of trees in this area and heavy rains affect them. Many of the trees are leaning like they will soon break off. We want the authorities to do something. This is not the first appeal,” she says.
Another resident Kris Lorde says this situation needs immediate attention before someone dies.
“Around the hurricane season many of the branches break off and cause damage. There are still lots of trees which need cutting,” he says. (CH)



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