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Enough, Mia!


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MIA MOTTLEY’S strong-arm leadership style of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) prompted an e-letter against her to ensure the re-election of George Payne as party chairman.
The letter, dated October 24, 2010, was intended to sway delegates attending the annual BLP conference originally slated for October 29 to 31. The conference was rescheduled, following the passing of Prime Minister David Thompson, to this weekend.
Yesterday, Dru Symmonds confirmed he sent the letter, saying he did it in his capacity as a BLP stalwart and not as part of the executive of the party’s Christ Church East branch.
He wrote: “Whereas every strong leader exemplifies some ruthlessness, I am persuaded that Ms Mottley seems to exemplify an excess that is worrying.”
In outlining some of the reasons why Mottley should not be chosen BLP chairman, Symmonds said he was “cussed” by many “because they say that I have closed my eyes . . . to the treatment meted out to my son Kerrie . . . that Rommel Marshall was sent to St James Central to contest the nomination against him . . . .”
Symmonds said that he understood Lynette Eastmond’s canditure for the Christ Church East Central nomination was opposed by Mottley and the actual nomination meeting was held under circumstances which prompted consideration to challenge it in the law courts.
However this plan was abandoned as Eastmond did not wish to bring the party into public disrepute.
Symmonds wrote: “Internal differences are healthy, and should be resolved democratically in the interest of the whole. I therefore have grave difficulties with the public humiliation that our great party took in the recent issue of our party’s political leadership; and in the absence of Ms Mottley’s disavowal, or castigation of those close to, or employed by her,
I like many have become deeply disturbed, and must ask the question – who would have been the person or persons who would have leaked the information which gave rise to the Front Page smear of the party  in the SUNDAY SUN [October 10]?
“Who would have stood to be the beneficiary of that exposé? . . . The irony of it is that factually, our branch was at the same time under pressure from Ms Mottley’s arm to do everything that we could to bump up the numbers of our delegates and to supply their addresses.”
On this matter, Symmonds wrote that he “cringed in horror, disbelief, and angry frustration when I read [Henderson Bovell’s] internal email [October 10 20.10 @ 8.18AM] using that party’s organ to personally promote Ms Mottley, and denigrate George Payne suggesting”.
Yesterday, Symmonds said he received mixed reactions from the BLP membership to whom his letter was mailed.
When contacted yesterday, Mottley, who is overseas, said: “Mr Symmonds is entitled to his opinion. I am not responding to matters of that nature at this time.” (SP)

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