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HEALING HERBS: Healing power of chadon beni


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I believe that the “beginnings” of 2011 will usher in high hope for lofty expectations in the department of healing. In fact, this should convey that it is advantageous to keep our eyes fixed on the prize of better health. I am healing. In essence we all want to be healed.
Scrutinizing the Book Of Genesis, it is recorded that in the “beginning” darkness “hovered” over the earth and, amid the void and shapelessness, our Creator proclaimed “Let there be light” and light appeared.
Other instructions were issued and fulfilled; then evening and morning came and the Creator proclaimed that “it was good”.   
Out of the darkness of this same earth springs “silent doctor” Eryngium foetidum, known to Barbadians as fit weed, chadon beni or shadow beni.
Eryngium foetidum is good. I name it “the Blackmans’ Light”.  Have you ever inhaled chadon beni’s aroma? Memories of it always linger.
With beaming confidence, I shall engage your interest about the healing capacity of this “silent doctor”. May the light of the Creator guide and bless you as your eyes peruse this article to gain knowledge.
Chadon beni/shadow beni is a member of the Apiaceae family. The name chadon beni is said to originate from French patois meaning “blessed herb”. It is rich in calcium, carotene, iron, riboflavin, vitamin A, B1 and 2 and C. It is considered a cure-all.
Research indicates that the leaves and roots are used in teas as an aphrodisiac/sexual enhancer. It is also used to stimulate the appetite, improve digestion, combat colic, soothe stomach pains, eliminate gases, as an anti-inflammatory, for chills, fainting, colds and convulsions in children.  
A tea of the leaves and roots may treat pneumonia, flu, fever, vomiting, diabetes, constipation and malaria fever. The root may be chewed to combat the poison from scorpion stings. Further research specifies that it can calm a person’s spirit, making it famous for prevention of epileptic fits (seizures). Thus the name spirit weed or fit weed.
In conclusion, with the noticeable increase of the obituaries in the media, amongst them younger people, the dreaded fear of death has overtaken the minds of many. But be still, know and listen to the sweet whisperings of the Creator.
Genesis 1:29 states: “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth . . . they will be yours for food.”  
Therefore, blessed is the man who obeys the laws of nature.
The reward for such is ingrained in our consciousness; search and find it for eternal happiness. The puzzle must be pieced together to gain mastery of life, as the “silent doctors” heal even at the cellular level.
Happy chadon beni planting.


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