Sunday, April 14, 2024

Carnival on de road


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Dey love how Trini does look, look, look
And dey love how Trini does cook, cook, cook
And dey love how Trini women wuk, wuk, wuk
And we make good company
Those catchy lines from Benjai’s runner-up Groovy Soca track Trini perhaps explain why thousands continue to make the annual trek to Trinbago to behave Wotless on the streets of Port-of-Spain for Jouvert and Carnival Monday and Tuesday, and enjoy the many fetes.
That every hotel room, band and fete was sold out suggests it works to the country’s Advantage.
There was a serious crush in and around Port-of-Spain from last weekend, as people from Trinbago, the rest of the Caribbean and further afield, bowed to the seemingly irresistible tug of the music, and the buzz that never grows old.
At every corner people were stamping on it, trampling on it, wining pon de side, pooching back and carrying on with tings from town, country and foreign and could care less about who get vex.
And with the free flowing drinks, the high-spirited revelers must have been feeling like they won a million dollars.
The streets were flooded with police and other security personnel, and revelers seemed bent on testing whether Machel’s caution that “you could get charge fuh wining like dat”, were true.
As usual, revelers and onlookers wined and chipped to the popular tracks of the season, which were interspersed with hits from previous years included Alison Hinds’ Roll and Nah Going hHome from Biggie Irie, who remains the only non-Trinidadian to win the Groovy Soca competition.
Carnival 2011 wound to a halt Tuesday night, and the various carnival people are already making plans to see major winners Kes, Machel, Neal and Massy Trinidad Allstars, Katzenjammers and Valley Harps and Karene Asche defend their respective crowns and to play mas at Carnival 2012. 


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