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DEAR CHRISTINE: Workmate a user and nothing else


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Dear Christine,
I want to warn all the ladies about a guy who works with me. He drives a white car and lives and works in the south of the island. All he wants women for is sex, money and whatever he can get from them.
He takes one woman’s money to support the other. Right now he is seeing about four different women.
When I [told them about him] they all seemed surprised and said he does not use condoms.
His problem is keeping up with the guys at work. Whatever he sees them with he wants and must have. Almost everything he owns was given to him by some woman.
He is a user, but looking at him you wouldn’t believe he’s that type of person. He wanted to see how many of us in the office he could “run through” – as he says to the guys – but there was only one victim.
So ladies, please be aware of this man. He will use you, abuse you, then leave you by the wayside.
If you are one of those women he is now with, I beg you to go and get tested. I did and I am okay.
Dear Disappointed,
You are clearly very bitter about what you went through with this man, and it seems that you want him to pay for hurting you.
So though warning other women not to be duped by him is noteworthy, the fact that you actually spoke to them about him shows how angry you must still be.
This man’s actions are indeed wrong. He is abusing people’s emotions, and that behaviour must be frowned on.
I, too, would urge the women who – thanks to your intervention – are going out with this man to protect themselves against contracting any infection or even getting pregnant.
My main focus, though, is you and how you’re coping with being used by this man. Talking to the other women he is seeing and warning them about him was an act of revenge from a woman scorned. Nothing else!
My dear, most of us would like to get back at those who hurt us, but doing such is not worth it. If you are finished with him, move on with your life. You are better off without him.
– Christine


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