Psychic detective called


A family is so disappointed police have not been able to find a relative’s killer that they are turning to a psychic detective to solve the crime.
Bertram Clarke, whose brother George died after a brutal attack by assailants at his pig farm in St Philip more than a year ago, told the SATURDAY SUN hiring a psychic was the family’s next option.
“We are frustrated, but are determined to get to the bottom of what happened. “Calling in a psychic may not be considered by many in Barbados the way to go, but we need answers and that’s what we are discussing within the family.” 
Clarke, a retired insurance excecutive in Canada said, “We have tried everything – full cooperation with the police in Barbados, a $50 000 reward to anyone with information that may lead to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible, and talking to people in the neighbourhood who may know something – but nothing has worked so far.” 
George Clarke, 67, received serious head injuries from his assailant or assailants. It is believed he was beaten with a hammer, robbed of an unknown amount of cash and left to die. He was hospitalized at Queen Elizabeth Hospital for almost four months after he was found unconscious on Valentine’s Day last year.  
His daughters and wife in New York as well as his brother, Bertram, then moved him to a medical centre in Brooklyn for treatment, but he was unable to say who attacked him. He died last November.
“We are a God-fearing Christian family, but we believe we may have to take this step of using a psychic to assist the police with information and leads to find the killer or killers,” said Bertram Clarke
The use of psychic detectives in crime fighting isn’t exactly new. Many police departments and the relatives of victims in North America often reluctantly turn to psychics who claim special powers to find evidence, and some have been successful in unravelling unsolved crimes while others have been spectacular failures. 
Next Wednesday, relatives, friends and others who knew the victim will gather at Holy Cross Anglican Church in St John to honour Clarke’s memory during a service that begins at 6.30 in the evening.



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