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PUDDING & SOUSE – Cooking without fire


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KITCHEN?STAFF at a certain property are saying this is not the place to be  anymore. It seems that after a certain chef was promoted, everything started to go  downhill.  Some days there is no butter, milk or even sugar for the bakers, and on other days not even a potato or onion or even oil can be found to make a meal. 
Staff are wondering if management purposely turns a blind eye to the incompetence. 
They are saying that she needs to go back to school with her puppet on a string beside her and learn the basics of management, menu writing and food costing, and to stop accusing the staff of stealing the stock.
Out caught!
Colleagues of a certain woman were left in stitches when her husband turned up at the workplace and lambasted her in front of them.
He told her that she had begged him to come back to her and give her another chance, but now she was sleeping with Tom, Dick and Harry again.
Apparently the poor man got to find out that other men have been taking her to work on mornings and picking her up on evenings.
He was angry and shaking like a leaf when he started to cry and asked her why she had asked him to give her a chance when she had no intentions of giving up her worthless behaviour.
No letting go
Workers in an office are still talking about one of their colleagues who recently got involved with another worker who has a reputation for trying to have sex with anything that walks in a skirt.
The man apparently went to her house one night and went to work the next day and told his friends that he slept with her in the same bedroom where her three children were sleeping.
When workers confronted her about what he was saying she did not even deny it. All she said was that she was not letting him go. 
Her colleagues are shocked that she would even give this man the time of the day since she knows full well that the last worker he was involved with had to get a restraining order against him.
We’re all family  
It seems to be a big family affair at a certain agricultural place.
Even though the big boss was transferred to another place, his wife, her sister and his brother’s wife are still in place running things.
People want to know why they were left behind when none of them knows a thing about agriculture.
Under the cover of night
An old man who runs a shop in a rural parish has been sneaking in young girls at night under the pretence that they are helping him clean the shop.
But residents who peep through their windows watching the comings and goings want to know why these different young girls would be cleaning a shop at two and three in the morning.
They are calling the shopkeeper a dirty old man, and saying he should be ashamed since he has been dealing with a well dressed, decent church going woman, who sometimes mops and sweeps the shop during the day.
They want this woman to know what he is doing behind her back. Even though his neighbours are well aware that he can no longer rise to the occasion, they say whatever he is doing to satisfy his pleasure still amounts to cheating.



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