MAN TO WOMAN – Pushed to commit murder?


Given the recent spate of murders and attempted suicides by men,  Man To Woman sought to find out why men sometimes feel it necessary to go as far as killing a woman and then themselves, instead of just moving on. Is it so hard for a man to move on when he loves a woman, but realizes that the relationship is over.  Although most skirted the issue of what could “possibly”  make them want to take a life, it was clear that those who answered frowned on men who took such measures,  instead of just moving ahead with their lives.
Mr Cool & Collective – I don’t even beat women far less kill them. There’s no way I am giving up my freedom, the joy of running on the beach, the joy of doing what I want when I want. There’s no way I would give up the joys of life to live in a 4 x 6 cell with men all the days of my life because a woman hurt me. My motto is – it will hurt like hell and with time it will pass. Being jailed for murder and the possibility of getting a death sentence and disappointing my parents and children by killing a woman – that doesn’t pass, not to mention my personal grief and shame I would feel for doing such a thing.
Man To Woman – Getting hurt is a factor that plays in almost every relationship you have and as you said, it will hurt like hell. I’m glad to see that you have actually considered all the others around you that would be hurt by such a bastardly thing, because some men don’t think about those things.
Derek Williams – If the woman wants to let go, then let her go. You will find another one. ’til she feel like leaving again, because they will come and go, but I’m not killing any.
Man To Woman – It’s true. Women will come and go, but when that time arrives let them go in peace. Who knows – it may be for the best in the long run.
Chris – Some women do a lot of crap to men because there is no good justice in this country for men, so women act out, constantly provoking men to hit them knowing once they call the police, they will just pick up the man, which also leads to tension. Some men can walk away, some won’t or can’t – but I would advise my fellowmen to be strong and walk away from any relationship that is not going their way. It hurts but time is a healer. I did it and I’m proud.
Man To Woman – Kudos to you for walking away without being abusive or thinking murder. However, I don’t believe that a man/woman should wait to be provoked to that point of violence. Walk away in the early.
Sugar Stick – I’ve probably momentarily wished a woman was dead, but never enough that I would want to kill her. I can’t imagine a woman doing anything to me that would make me kill her – except maybe if she cuts off my penis.
Man To Woman – My lips are sealed on this one.
Dale Cumberbatch – I love my mum and she has always instilled in us never to hit a woman! She is a really wise woman and would often give us advice. She would always tell us: “There are two things in life that you should never run behind, a bus and a woman, because another will always come along. She would always say to us, “don’t love the women with your heart, love them with your head!” I didn’t heed the advice and I fell in love and got married, ended up getting hurt and from there on in love only resides in my head, so I don’t think there is anything (barring harming my kids) that could make me think about killing a woman, and as far as myself goes – NEVER! God gave me this life and I intend to enjoy it to the fullest until he is ready to take it back.
Man To Woman – Your mum is a great woman and has taught you very well. I urge you to pass on the teachings to your sons, so that they too can learn to be strong without being violent or taking a life.
Roger – Simply put, those men who kill women are just suffering from inferiority complexes and have severe low self esteem issues – and that I don’t have.
Man To Woman – Kudos to you for having high self esteem, just don’t let it get to too self-centred.
Tony Rowe – A man’s ego is a huge thing and it does not help that we do not have the support system that women have, which are friends to cry with. Furthermore, should you take your problem to the guys you are more often than not ridiculed for being a soft man and instructed to teach the lady in question a lesson.
Man To Woman – I’m at a loss here. I hope that lesson is Mathematics or English, because it certainly can’t be anything abusive. Friends who encourage men to do those things are cruel. Try having a close woman friend to talk to, she might actually be able to shed some light as to what the other woman may be thinking.


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