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I CONFESS: Deserted by my husband


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I am now totally convinced that women are no better than dogs. They lie, cheat and are deceitful.
And I say this as a woman myself.
I cannot think otherwise because here I am, sick and immobile, yet another woman is trying to send me to an early grave by calling and telling me what she does with my husband, how many times she does it, where and when.
I am sick of her calls. I just can’t believe that anyone could be so insensitive.
To think that a woman would openly confess that she has sex with a married man and that she intends to give him the time of his life to ensure he leaves me, his wife, is nothing short of disgusting and scandalous.
Where is the compassion for a fellow woman? Where is the sisterhood?
Things like this make you regret being a woman and hating women who sell themselves short. Things like this also make you wary of having a relationship, period.
The thing is I am at home sick because I wanted to give my husband a child. But because of complications due to my diabetes and high blood pressure I had a lot of difficulties. Then I had a mishap and lost the child. I am now at home recuperating.
During the months I was sick, my husband took up with this woman. A friend of mine saw him with her a couple of times and then I was told. I asked my friend to find out about her and I was told she is not much better than a prostitute as she tended only to get involved with married men to live off of them.
I confronted my husband about this woman and he dismissed my accusation. He continued staying out late at night while still denying he was involved with this woman. But for all of his talk to the contrary, he was still being seen with her, buying goods in the supermarket, and out at Chefette and Kentucky with her children, buying food for them.
What had me so vexed is that my husband is really cheap. He does not spend on anything unless it is a necessity. But this woman has his head so tied up that he was just spending wild.
But the worst was yet to come. As my health problems worsened, instead of him staying home with me at night, he actually started sleeping out. The first night he did it, I almost went crazy.
Imagine living with a man for nearly nine years and working together to build a home and a life, then, when you need him most, he is nowhere around!
But what had me is where he was. My friend took a picture with her Blackberry of where this woman lives with her two children. It is a little wooden house that needs painting badly. Imagine my husband left his two-storey wall house with his pregnant wife in it, to go and sleep there with her!
From that moment on, I knew I was in trouble because if a man could take that step he had to be smitten with the woman. So I told my husband if he must have this woman for sex I understood as we were not having any, given my condition. All I wanted him to do was to come back home at night and stay with me just in case I had any complications.
I didn’t quarrel as I usually did, but spoke with him calmly, so he would not become upset. It worked as he listened and said he would. And he did. For much of the rest of my pregnancy before I lost the baby he would come in late at night and sleep in another bedroom.
That was when the phone calls started. She would call and say things like ‘he’s coming home’ now and how tired he was because of what she did to him, and stuff like that.
At first, as soon as I heard her voice I would put down the phone, but as she would keep calling, I just relented and started listening. What she had to say always lasted less than a minute anyway, so it didn’t matter.
Once though I tried to tell her that what she was doing was not fair to me, but she said she did not care anything about me. She was going to get me out of the house and move in. I knew then just how dangerous a person I was dealing with and I warned my husband again. And again, he did not listen.
After I lost the baby, he all but left me. He has moved out and told me he wants this woman because she understands him more than I ever did. He told me if I wanted to hold onto the house I would have to pay him out, otherwise he would advise that we sell it and go our separate ways. Just so I told you, he told me.
After all those years together, this was all I got from my beloved husband.
Now he and this woman have moved into an apartment and she is still calling and bragging. But God don’t like ugly and I hope she knows that what you sow you generally reap.


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