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More DLP confusion


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BLP legacy: banned the use of harmful  chemicals on golf courses and the use of leaded gasoline to protect the environment; initiated  a waste separation project at Rockley, Bath,  Silver Sands, Bay Street and Browne’s Beach;  and sponsored the first National Consultation  on the Environment to encourage citizens  to protect the environment.
It is now widely accepted that the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) can do nothing  to prevent the serious divisions within  its leadership and ranks from continuing  to break out in public with the increasing  regularity the public has been witnessing.
Instances of such disunity and instability  have become more frequent as the despondent  DLP better understands the true extent of its rejection by an electorate constantly being impoverished by its calamitous policies  and angered by the Dems’ casual serial abandonment of lavish promises it made  in the 2008 election.
 But such chronic infighting has intensified  the prolonged lack of confidence and absence  of hope among both Barbadians and would-be foreign investors in the future of the economy, in particular, and the economy, in general, under the embarrassingly poor David Thompson-Freundel Stuart led Government.
Far more serious
The latest and so far most serious bout  of verbal slugging has pitted the self-perceived  wily Stuart himself at direct cross purposes  with the would-be hard-hitting Donville Inniss  in their reactions to the much condemned public “Egyptian Jew” description by trade unionist  Sir Roy Trotman, of a businessman with whom  the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU)  had an industrial relations dispute.
 Just over a week ago in the House  of Assembly, Health Minister Inniss had in his  most bare-knuckled manner called for enlightened labour movement leadership that would  reject “guerilla warfare tactics that were more  in keeping with the bahaviour of a raging  bull in a china shop”.
Now, we have had the spectacle of Stuart  publicly disagreeing with Inniss by declaring:  “The comments complained of, I am still  trying to find out where to locate the offence”,  and Inniss in a complete turnaround saying:  “All of us have said some things and used strong language which has not pleased people,  so I am not going to get into  that discussion.”
 Inniss’ constituents are now wondering  what could have happened to make their MP virtually eat his parliamentary words.  Was it a case of PM Stuart jumping at the chance  to flex his muscles with Inniss, one of the Eager Eleven, in much the same way he had slapped  down another dissident, Ronald Jones,  by no longer having him serve  as Acting Prime Minister?
Meanwhile, we wait to see if another harsh  Sir Roy critic, Richard Sealy, upgraded to act  as Prime Minister and not among the Eager Eleven, will also soften his stance. Voluntarily  or not.
 But while some might find frequent internal  DLP disagreements amusing, the reality  is that they further distract and weaken  an administration which in nearly five years  has never shown itself convincingly  in charge of the totality of the country’s affairs, thereby earning the dubious award of The Worst Government Ever.
Thankfully, the proven record of Owen Arthur  and the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) gives confidence it can do far better.
•Beresford Leon Padmore is a pseudonym  for the Democratic Labour Party.       


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