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Today fah you, tomorrow fah me


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LAST WEEK I TALK about the Bajan goods and the situation wid the Trinidad and Tobago market and boy, I gine tell ya, I hear all kinds o’ people lambasting Trinidad and carrying on ’bout the way they continue tuh treat we ’bout here.
Listening tuh some o’ the comments I had tuh say dat it look like the more things change, the more they remain the same. Now because it is such a hot topic right now, I think I gine have tuh touch on it again this week.
Now I look in the Thursday NATION and notice a big able headline T&T U-Turn and from reading the article, I realize dat after some kinda meeting wid the Trinidad and Tobago officials, the okay was given for Bajan products tuh be allowed into the Trinidad market again.
Now I understand dat this is after 18 months of blocking Pine Hill Dairy, hear? Ssttuppes! I tell ya.
Now wha’ kinda cat and mouse games the Trinis playing at all though? Dem like duh think dat people, especially we in Barbados, is a bunch o’ mock sticks and dem could pick we up and let we down when and as it suits dem. Dem like duh doan know dat the longest day got a final end or time longer than twine.
The Trinis doing as duh like in every kind o’ area but somehow duh aint understand yet, dat evahthing is fuh a time. Today fuh you, tomorrow fuh me! Dem like duh cahn see the amount o’ big boys and organizations all ovah the world dat crumbling or getting pulled down every day all because o’ greed. Well, all I could say is dat every dog does got he day.
Something ’bout Trinidadians
Another thing ’bout the Trinidadians is dat I doan quite know how tuh take dem. This is what I mean: all kinds o’ businesses ’bout here belong tuh dem including hotels, wholesale and commercial businesses, insurance companies, and in recent years they have added banks tuh them.
You might’ve noticed the merger wid the Royal Bank of Canada and RBTT a couple o’ months back and, more recently, the new name pon the front o’ the Barbados National Bank; I think it is the Republic Bank now.
But there is something ’bout dem dat I doan like too much; dem is a strange bunch o’ people ’cause it like it doan take nothing offa dem tuh one day just haul in duh troops, pull up stakes and move on just so.
I am only a simple-minded person and I could only tell you how it does look tuh me. For example, in the case of the Almond Resort up there in St Peter, I doan think dat the staff had a clue ’bout the hotel being in summuch financial problems dat it would have had tuh be shut down.
Doing the dog on radio
Somebody tell me dat fuh the past week, the people pon the call-in programmes was doing the dog ’bout the whole Trinidad involvement in Barbados.
You see me? I tell ya’all a’ready dat I doan trust Bajans. I hear somebody say one time dat Bajans is people you would call passively aggressive and dat they does accept evahthing from evahbody and just move on. Like in the case of LIME charging more fuh their sour service and if ya miss and doan pay dem the few dollar bills when the month come, they does disconnect ya service in a heartbeat.
It could also be the Light & Power people and the so-called fuel charges, energy charges and wh’evah else charges dat ya doan understand nuh matter how dem try tuh explain it. But leh muh tell ya, Bajans might be passively aggressive, maybe dat might be true, but I doan trust dem at all.
One o’ these days they might wake up, come tuh duh senses and boycott evah single thing – Trinidad and Tobago and de whole hand o’ duh. That is when I would have tuh say dat it serves dem right because of the way they treating Bajans and have been treating dem all the years.
I was looking through the Thursday newspaper and saw a picture wid the Trinidad Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar like she was being interviewed by two journalists: one from THE NATION and the other from CBC TV.
Now both o’ dem got something in duh hand tuh record what she was obviously saying but the thing dat made me smile is the way the two ladies looking at her, wid the same kinda expression pon duh faces. It look as if the two o’ dem saying, “Yeah right”!
Talk ’bout a picture painting a thousand words.
• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.


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