Friday, April 19, 2024

Time to take stock of her life


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One personality is now as free as a bird but she had better leave out the veteran airline person.
Everyone knows she has been sneaking around, or should we say flying around, with this married man now that her long-time former partner is deceased.
But she should understand that he won’t be doing anything for her anytime because he is still happily married and he knows that he would have to answer to his wife, his mother-in-law and his brother-in-law.
So the parking out at nights behind the paling is over.
It is best that this woman takes the pension she is receiving and spend her retirement in comfort instead of using it to buy a man who will never be hers.
Not business as usual
It’s certainly not business as usual . . . !  
The word on the street is that not even the sun is bringing warmth. Some people are even wondering as a family man what type of husband he is, but as the saying goes “the more things change the more they remain the same . . .”
It seems all staff does is “break” to the government offices in Collymore Rock and Warrens only to be asked: “What is the cause?”
A time for change should be the new slogan since no one seems to be employed there very long, and even with the new price change, the situation can only be described as a pain.
It may be best to get your plumber or go elsewhere to get your problems fixed because they are guaranteed to have the necessary tools to work with.  
We wonder if by Christmas they would still be singing the first Noel.
Ram on the loose
The brown-skinned St John man, who is known as a village ram, has finally found a new chick with a pretty decent job and a nice car.
This poor woman seems to think that giving him her fancy car to drive around will keep him or stop him from horning her.
But giving him her car has only made it worse. People want her to know that this is not going to change the man from his cheating ways and that she is holding bare horns and he is even having sex with some of the girls in her car.
She should also be careful since he doesn’t believe in using protection.
Concerned friends want her to know that love and common sense are two different things and she should move on before something happens to her health because it is obvious that this man doesn’t care.
Village liar
A malicious woman who lives in St John should stop telling her friends that she is a registered nurse when she is only a nursing aide who takes out the bed pans and bathe patients.
She should also stop walking around spreading the patients’ business all over the place.
It seems that the same way this woman has spent so much money and time buying bleaching cream to change her complexion from black to white that she is also trying to change the true nature of her job.
When will she realize that a leopard could never change its spots.


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