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In the spirit of Independence


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ST PHILIP RESIDENT LEON MAYERS has decided to make a real fuss about Independence.
Mayers, who gained popularity for decorating his house for Christmas, has in the past two years been paying extra special attention to Independence by decorating his house in the National Colours of blue, yellow and black.
Mayers, not surprisingly known in his Kirtons community as “The Lightsman”, said: “I like Christmas but since everybody doing Christmas, I decided to do Independence.
“I started from November 1 and I even took off the red and white clothes from Santa Claus and I dressed him in my Independence clothes.”
So excited is Mayers about decorating that early in the morning and late into the evening he is in the garden trimming and pruning. He has even taken on the task of decorating 13 of the houses in his community.
“I have seen this project bring the people of the community together. They come out and relax together for Independence and Christmas like a big family. I am looking forward to the fun day on Saturday when the community will come together,” Mayers said.
His decorations include lights, Independence banners and garbage cans decorated with the Broken Trident.
Mayers said that the project has got the attention of many people who come from all over to take pictures, including many tourists who are impressed by his work.
Mayers said that he would be going straight into Christmas decorations from the beginning of next month. He said the project had been getting sponsorship which encouraged him to make it bigger and better each year. (LK)


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