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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Ignoring voice in the wilderness


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A voice crying in the political wilderness seems now to have been totally ignored, given a certain recent appointment.
When the job was announced, individuals were  said to muse that a successful regional winner has now been officially replaced by a regional worker. A situation as different as chalk and cheese.
Those in the know say that the new man will have his work cut out for him as he is dealing with people who are so deeply rooted in the past that they can’t separate the forest from the trees in the present, and they certainly don’t have a grasp of the future.
What onlookers find intriguing,
is how the appointee will be able to undertake his new job while still holding a supposedly demanding pick within Government. But then, given the amount of time the person before him seemed to have on their hands, observers figure this man, too, may not have a full schedule.
What’s for a man he will get
If a pin had been dropped at a large gathering of professionals a couple nights ago it would still have been heard after an announcement was made.
Silence enveloped the room for a few fleeting moments when the chairman of the operation said that day the business had been sold as a going concern and introduced one of the new owners.
According to someone who attended, the shock had more to do with the fact that the new co-owner was not even allowed to work in the business  before – now he will be the big cheese.   Just goes to show that what is for a man he will get.
Politico a no-show
A politician was reminded this week that some promises must be kept.
The big-up, who likes to present himself as a country boy despite his success, promised youngsters a wad of Barrows for their success in a tournament last year. It would seem though that he did not deliver on his pledge, and if he did, no one apparently was aware of it.
This year as the youngsters were progressing well, the politico did not come around much, but Cou Cou was told that when he did he got a frosty reception.
So for the finals, which the youngsters earned a place in again, the politico was conspicuous by his absence. Instead, his newest fan – a turncoat – was seen on the cellphone, presumably communicating the latest position of the game.
As his team lost, the politico never put in an appearance. However, his opponent was there among the large numbers of onlookers cheering on the youngsters and trying to score some points for the real matchup later.
It’s left to be seen if this politico will again be absent if he feels he will be beaten or if he will be man enough to face the crowd come what may.
Scratching in a new yard?
Has a certain diehard political yard fowl switched allegiances?
This woman, who uses social media as her political platform, has not only changed her name but has also changed her modus operandi.
She is no longer bashing the other party and seems to be very critical of her own alliances, even though she still gives respect to her dear uncle.
People are speculating that she has been taken down a notch or two and it all has to do with her muscular mouthings.


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