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DE MARKET VENDOR: Translating Portia’s speech for de small man


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Between November through yearend we had messages and resolutions from leaders and opposition, bringing hope to people in Bubbadus and de region.
Dese messages does follow similar patterns, dat is to say wha happened over the past year and what we got to do to become better.
Dem does use lofty words, de all inclusive nature of the country and how we must work together to achieve. Yuh could tell dat most of dem reading, need training using de teleprompter and dat many didn’t write a damn word in de speech.  
I don’t know ’bout wunnah but I, Market Vendor, don’t bother too much wid dem speeches ’cause um does don’t sound sincere to me.
But dis year one of de speeches catch my attention, by my girl Portia Simpson Miller, which need li’l help so de small man can understand it. De Vendor gine try to brek it down fuh wunnah.
Portia: “This year will bring stark realities into focus, Jamaicans are capable and we must live up to the challenges, our people have what it takes to meet them head on, we have talent, we have the ideas, we have clear and strong plans, and we must summon the collective will to succeed . . .”.
Translated this means 2013 going be a terrible year and if wunnah think dat tings was ard last year, brace wunnah self, me don’t want wunnah burning tyres and blocking de yard, gird up wunnah loins and prepare fe suffer, I and I know wunnah elected we but while Jamaica ave plenty talent and ideas, me can’t find dem in my government.
Portia again: “We will work with all social partners and citizens as we face these challenges together. As we continue to work towards our economic recovery as a nation, we must believe in our souls and believe in our hearts that this will be a great year for Jamaica. Rest assured this government will never flinch when it comes to protecting the interest of the Jamaican people. We will continue work assiduously to uplift all Jamaican people.”
Translation: We done know dat we don’t have de answers even though we say so at election time, we looking fuh some bright people in de private sector to help we out fe free. Wunnah not going fe see de evidence, so like all Christian people keep believing what Portia ah telling wunnah. We gine feh mek sure dat PNP soldiers get wuk but we going praise all of wunnah as ard, ard working people.
Portia also encouraged all Jamaicans to take more responsibility in shaping the country’s future by becoming more involved in local affairs and taking charge of our words and deeds geared towards ensuring that what is good becomes better.
This paragraph tough, I not sure that even Portia know what she talking ’bout here at least in de second part of de sentence. De first part is saying we going draw de pay but because as I said earlier we really short pun solutions to Jamaica’s problems, wunnah must to do some no pay work, so we in government don’t have feh tek all de blame fuh de mess. The second part gine need a Peter Wickham to interpret.
Finally, I see a report last week pun NBC dat say dat all these New Year resolutions does get brek by de end of January. Wid a li’l luck then Portia gine forget all de ole talk by de end of this month!
I, Market Vendor, gone fuh now. You have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?


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