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FLYING FISH & COU COU: An ‘X’ to mark the spot


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There is a list circulating in the hive and next to certain names an X has been placed.
But this X has nothing to with practising for the February 21 poll. Rather, the mark is carefully positioned next to the names of some scribes as a scarlet letter of shame.
Once it has been decided that a person is deserving of an X, then that person is blacklisted. However, those with a tick next to their names can expect calls asking favours.
Others can expect their names to be dragged through the mud.
Caught unawares
No one can figure out how it was that some members of a particular august chamber did not know that it was no longer in session once the bell had been rung.
A few of them turned up the day after the announcement expecting to carry out their usual duties in the name of The Queen only to realize that all activity had been suspended pending the outcome of general elections.
Counted among those who turned up was one woman seeking election. After calls were made the few departed with egg on their faces.
If you didn’t know that there’s no meeting once elections are called, you must be from Aberdeen.
A case of the wrong colour
It was a faux pas of colourful portions.
The “dream team” tore into the heart of The City with all the pomp and pageantry and members decked in their brightest crimson.
But were it not for the pictorial line-up on the outside of the rented vehicle some might have mistaken them for the other side. The vehicle was painted a bright yellow.
Dates didn’t add up
Was a miscalculation to blame for the way a certain announcement was made?
Some in the know believe so.
Word is that initially the big man was to make the announcement during a major City event the next night. However, it was reported that when it was realized that he would speak way after the midnight hour and that would affect his legal deadline, the announcement came quietly the day before.
Copycats on the loose
The talk is all around the town, and in the country also, about two copycats who have been posing all over the place.
 It is a good thing they are not in school or both would be getting some lashes for trying to look on each other’s book to copy off everything.
One fellow has been copying all the things possible from his neighbour – from his styles and actions  to even boycotting going to the popular tavern downtown. Instead, he reopened his business in a makeshift tent near the roundabout where his neighbour had set up his shop five years ago.
The joke is that the other copycat went and put the locks on the tavern this week but left photographs and write-ups inside and can’t show customers his supporting cast for the play he is staging.


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