Embrace African heritage!


Barbadians need to connect with their African heritage and African people.
This opinion was voiced by Ras Simba, publisher of Our African Heritage Magazine as he spoke to the DAILY NATION yesterday during an African Heritage Fair and Cultural Show at Deacons Hard Court, Deacons Farm, St Michael.
Ras Simba, who organized the event, said he believed that most Barbadians desist from connecting with African culture because “what we consider as Bajan culture is post-colonial and post-slavery.
“We don’t see ourselves as anything before the advent of the slave trade, so most black people are not even proud of themselves or proud of their heritage.
“I think if we are going to look forward to a better tomorrow, we have to look at our great past as African people,” he said.
“Why we need events like this is to show our pre-slavery culture and what made us the great people that we were before the slave trade. 
“I think that would put a little more pride in ourselves as a people when we learn about how we treat our elders and our women as Africans,” he explained. (AH)


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