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MPs pay tribute to Sir Richard Haynes


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The late Sir Richard Haynes, considered at one time to be the second most powerful man in Barbados, was held up as a family man and one who could not be ignored inspite of differences in politics.
Sir Richard, leader of the now defunct National Democratic Party, who died on Sunday, June 23 at the age of 77, was eulogised by members of Parliament in the presence of his family including his widow Lady Haynes and sons Richard Jr and Kashka.
Leading off the tributes in the pre lunch session, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart described the late medical doctor and politician as “so renowned and so highly an esteemed a doctor that his skills attracted even the attention of royalty and it is not unknown that on occasion members of the royal family have had his medical attention and care bestowed on them.”
But Stuart said Sir Richard should be remembered also “as a member of Parliament, a contributor to the public life of Barbados between 1976 and 1999 when off and on he sat in this Chamber”.
Stuart said the Sir Richard “was summoned to national politics by the masses of Barbadians and while there attracted the attention of  Bajans”.
“Ordinary people entered politics and distinguished themselves, but Richie Haynes was expected to enter politics … and attracted the attention of the people of this country.”
Mia Mottley, Leader of the Opposition Barbados Labour Party, in giving her tribute, said that Sir Richard was the only one who had her back outside of her party when she faced a no confidence motion in the Kola Syrup debate.
“Life is funny that this debate is taking place against a background on a topic …. in which Richie’s greatest contribution will come to be judged is a little more than ironic. His articulation of a philosophy from 1988 right through to 1999 when he left this honourable chamber as to the importance of fiscal rectitude …. in such a way that if you understood your duty to the masses of the people … that you would not do things that would leave them exposed because of an inability of government to protect them when it really matter…”.
Tributes were also made by Gline Clarke Opposition member for St George North; Government ministers Denis Kellman and Richard Sealy who represent St MIchael South Central and St Lucy respectively.  


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