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Turn the oil into water


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CAN YOU TURN OIL into water?
This is what several employees were wondering last week when they discovered that the water at their workplace was disconnected for non-payment.
From what we understand, the workers were hopping mad because management did not say a word and many of the staff were left under the impression that the water was just off in the area and would have been turned back on soon.
Apparently, sometime in the evening, word started to spread that there would be no water at all because the company had not paid its very high bill.
Angry workers were saying that it seemed as if management believed that they could all just drink oil and be satisfied.
Pudding & Souse under fire
PUDDING AND SOUSE has a huge target on its back.
Apparently, a damsel in distress who has run out of ammunition to hit her colleagues with has now focussed her anger on this column.
Sources say she has been walking around her office running her mouth as usual saying that she will get her attorney to sue us.
Well, we know she has a huge liking, or should we say love, for the legal fraternity, so it would be interesting which legal eagle she would summon to do her dirty deeds.
Fed up with this ‘Christian’
A SELF-PROFESSED Christian woman, who works at an educational institution, should take some lessons on how to treat other human beings.
She has been very mean to her colleagues, members of her church congregation and even her husband and everyone has really had it with her uncouth behaviour.
She bad-talks everyone and is so mean spirited that people are questioning why she has so much going for her in terms of education but has zero common sense.
The other day, she even went to the hair salon and had her done, just to show off on her friends while her electricity was being disconnected.
Everyone is now trying to avoid this woman as if she were the plague because they are so over her lies and deceit.
Ready to publicly hit back
A VERTICALLY CHALLENGED man whose feathers have been repeatedly ruffled in the last couple weeks is poised to hit back at his detractors in a big way.
Pudding and Souse was told this man, who is still smarting from a certain decision, intends to publicly engaged those who have been taking digs at his organization.
We have not been told as yet just what form this action would take, but it is understood that though it will be intense, it would be orderly as no one wants the police to have to shoot anybody or break heads.
No-win situation
A GROUP OF people have a big decision to make, knowing that whichever option they choose, they are sure to be condemned.
They were handed this hot potato after attending a meeting this week with several big shots whose backs are against the wall.
The big shots gave these people some no-win options – 3000 to go or three-day work week or voluntary pay cut.
The fly on the wall who reports everything to Pudding and Souse said he never saw people’s mouths drop so. It was as if the hinges fell out from their jaws. They were that dumbstruck by the offer on the table.
It seems these people expected the big shots to have better options available for them to discuss, but were so totally caught flat-footed, that they retreated. They are now scheduled to have another meeting on the matter late next week.


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