Woman rescued from sea


A 46-year-old street character known as Judy allegedly attempted suicide yesterday off the Bridgetown Heliport.
Although the name of the homeless woman is yet to be released, Police Inspector David Welch explained that she was under medical care and the matter was being investigated.
Car park attendant Sharie Goodman, who alerted the authorities about the incident, said she saw Judy pass by, crying “really badly!”
After observing her for a while, Goodman decided to close the booth and find out what was wrong.
“Something told me to shut the booth and see what going. I went to look and she was out in the water . . . . She just kept crying and saying something is wrong with her daughter and she want to die,” Goodman reported.
Goodman said she ran back to the booth and called her supervisor, who instructed her to call the police. But she then found that Judy was attempting to get out of the water.
“So I called JJ to come and help her . . . .”
JJ (Winston Mayhew) washes vehicles in the nearby car park.
He said: “The lady called me and I went out and looked to see what was going on and I saw her in the water . . . . She was trying to get out, so I took her hand and pull her out and shortly after the [police] officers came and dealt with the issue.” (DG)


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