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Gay man in lovers’ triangle


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PEOPLE AT A financial institution are placing bets at this time on what has become a very salacious relationship.
Apparently, a little rich girl who works there is involved in a tangled web between her boyfriend, who also works at the institution, and his long-time gay lover.
From what we understand the gay lover of ten years went berserk when he found out that his lover boy was dating the little rich girl. He went to her and spilled the beans about their relationship. He even told her parents and then turned around and gave his lover boy a good beating for cheating on him.
But it seems that little rich girl does not believe that her man is gay because she is now walking around with a bun in the oven. There is even talk that the two of them may be walking up the aisle.
Word is though that they had better watch out for lover boy as he is determined to wreak more havoc on them.
That’s exactly why the bets are being taken – on who will win and who will have to walk away like a lover scorned.
Stay tuned.
Northern 11-Plus blues
A DREADLOCKED WOMAN is still ranting and raving from last year’s Common Entrance Exam. Her child was awarded a space at a secondary school in the north but the mother is insisting that the child be transferred to a school closer to where they live.
This year she’s back at it, bragging and telling people how well her child has been doing at the school in the north and even begging the janitors at the school close to her home to put in a word for her.
People are somewhat puzzled as to why this mother is so hell bent on her child not attending this school in the north, when she herself attended the same school. You would think her loyalty to school, which is a big thing here in Barbados, would sway her. But not so.
Some people are wondering if she has a history she would not like dredged up by having her child attend the school. Who knows? After all, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. 
Stuck up after new job
PEOPLE IN THE Black Rock area are fed up with a certain neighbour who has landed a job on the hill. She is walking around with her nose in the air and behaving like she is better than everyone else, especially after she was given the uniform.
Neighbours want her to remember that when Jill went up the hill, she came tumbling down.
Wifey and the other woman
THINGS HAVE GOTTEN really messy at a certain hotel between two women, one of whom is married to the father of the other’s children.
It appears that wifey has been in a jealous rage and making the work environment quite uncomfortable for the other woman, even though she and wifey’s husband broke up almost 15 years ago and their children are now young adults.
The women work in two different departments, but wifey goes out of her way to pursue the other woman wherever she is. Reports say wifey constantly bounces the woman in the corridors, drops remarks to her and talks her name constantly behind her back.
The environment became so hostile for the poor woman that she was forced to complain to her supervisor on several occasions. However, the situation was allowed to fester before management finally stepped in – when it got physical.
Now the poor woman is contemplating leaving her job because the stress of working with her ex’s wife has become too much for her to bear.
However, other employees who know of the situation are questioning why wifey was allowed to get away with all the foolishness when she deliberately made the woman’s life a living hell.


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