Keep hope alive


Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has described Barbadians as fortunate and urged them last night to hold on to the hope brought by Christ into this world.
Addressing hundreds of candle-carrying Barbadians and visitors on the grounds of his official residence Ilaro Court, Stuart urged them to reflect on the fact that this island did not have issues like terrorism which some other countries were forced to deal with.
“As you reflect on the birth of Christ at this time, as you hold your candle and reflect on the hope your candle signifies, reflect too on those people in various parts of the world, on those across the globe tonight whose flames of hope are burning low because of civil war, famine, terrorism and displacement, and just reflect on how fortunate we in Barbados are to be here this evening to enjoy Carols By Candlelight,” he said.
Noting that those across this land would need such hope for the future, Stuart added: “I want to express the hope that the candle you carry in your hand, that symbolizes the hope Christ brought to the world, will imbue you with the hope you will need to carry you through the year 2014.” (RJ)


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