Saturday, April 13, 2024

Lucky fan goes one-on-one with Sir Alex


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Everyone wanted a piece of Sir Alex Ferguson yesterday.
The world’s most famous retired football manager arrived in Barbados over the weekend, and was responsible for stopping traffic in and around the Lone Star Restaurant in Mount Standfast, St James yesterday, where he attended a private charity event.
Manchester United fan Abiola Grant turned out to be one of the day’s luckiest fans, as he actually got to meet and speak to the Scottish former club manager.
The 11-year-old student of Wills?Primary School got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have his picture taken with Sir Alex as he dined with friends and family at the upmarket eatery.
The beach and street near the restaurant was a hive of activity, as fans and paparazzi fought for space to speak to or snap a picture of the famous man.
Sir Alex, who is holidaying in Barbados, was among several celebrities present, including former England and Mananchester United captain Bryan Robson. (RB)


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