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THE BARBADOS WORKERS’ UNION (BWU) has not abandoned its strike weapon. In fact, it is seriously considering striking against some companies – but now is not the time for a public service work stoppage.
General secretary Sir Roy Trotman made this declaration at the union’s headquarters yesterday during a media briefing in which he dismissed charges that unions had done a poor job of representing the 3 000 public service workers Government is retrenching.
“Some people have suggested that the union call a strike, as we did in 1991, and that we should have a march up to the Garrison or somewhere else, put 40 000 people on the street,” he said.
“And I say that that sounds good and it would be something that I would be quite willing to support if somebody tells me, now that we know fully what the issues are, what would be the true agenda.”
He said he was satisfied that the Government had sought to have talks with the unions.
“I am not satisfied that all of the answers that we want have come out of those discussions, but the Government has not closed its mind or made itself inaccessible for discussions and further consideration.

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