HORSE charity will name mistreated animals


Barbados’ HORSE Charity today said it would continue to name animals which have been poorly treated after being retired from horse racing.
Trustee Monique Archer reported that the charity had been criticised by racehorse owners for naming retired animals but said “we will continue to release racehorse names” in an effort to get the horseracing community to be more considerate in the dispersal of the animals.
Archer told a media conference today that several of these horses ended up being ill-treated by their new owners, including a number of youths. Some were underfed to the point of looking like skeletons and some had serious injuries, Archer reported.
The charity, whose official name is Humane Organisation for the Relief of Suffering Equines (HORSE), said three rescued horses – Miracle, Who’s Staying and Tactical Remark – were in such poor condition they had to be put down. (TY)


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