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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Ding-dong battle in the making


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Ding-dong battle in the making
A WELL KNOWN MAN is soon to be brought up on three charges by the professional organisation of which he is a member.
One of the charges relates to the advertising of his services – something those in that particular profession are not allowed to do.
These charges come months after he was reprimanded for his actions by the professional body. That incident revolved around his actions relating to a client of a colleague.
Word reaching Cou Cou is that the man is going all out to fight the charges at the upcoming proceedings. It is understood he has hired a high-priced attorney to represent his interests.
All those in the profession aware of the upcoming action are looking for this encounter to be a ding-dong battle – one that would make the former confrontations look like a sparring match.
Smear campaign with a vengeance
SOMEONE IS GOING all out to smear the good name of a well respected business person.
They have repeatedly contacted people in key positions and reportedly written a major entity to get the person’s dealings investigated.
The smearer has been so determined to make this person look bad that apart from the usual 21st century techniques of dirty emails and other cyberbullyings, they have resorted to the old practice of placing posters on utility poles in strategic areas.
So busy has this wicked individual been as they seek to smear the well known business person that they stapled 31 bright yellow posters on utility poles in a highly trafficked district in the south of the island.
From all reports, though, the underhand, cowardly actions of this person are going nowhere fast. The defamatory accusations have been proven to have no basis by those in the Government entity reportedly contacted.
Cou Cou understands that the entity did a thorough runthrough of the person’s business and came away satisfied that there was no wrongdoing.
It’s now left to be seen if the smear campaign will take another form or if the person was just making a quick dash for cash as those familiar with the matter suggest.
$1.1 billion top-up
This will become clear when two individuals, either separately or together, address a major national issue soon.
Expect them to be buoyant – nay, triumphant – when they make their pronouncement as they project their statement embodied in a message that what they are doing, and how they are doing it, is right.
The reason for their smugness is that an important fund is $1.1 billion in the black – and that is good news, even though it only got to that level recently because of another Swedish injection.
However, those in the know are asking how long this high can be maintained as almost all other indicators at every level are spiralling down.
Only time will tell.
Is he in or out?
COU COU wants to know whether a certain man has not had his contract renewed at a controversial state entity.
The word on the street is that the plug has been pulled on him, but we prefer not to jump to conclusions as some talk show hosts have often been accused of doing.
We also want to know if there is any truth in the assertion that the axed individual boasted he had made just under a half-million dollars last year and was planning to make a half-million dollars this year.
But that’s not all that is brewing at this entity, according to our sources.
From what we have been told, the engine room is overheating as workers are not pleased how the boss seems to be pushing an individual – who they know intimately – ahead of veterans.
Stay tuned for more.


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