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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Welcome mat gone


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A SMOOTH-TALKING BIG-UP found out last Thursday night that power, fame and money mean nothing to some people in Barbados if it goes against their principles.
It would seem after weeks of putting up with a situation she found intolerable, the mother of the woman this person visits regularly told him in no uncertain terms that he was no longer welcome at her house, which is in a heavily populated St Michael district.
We were told the woman explained to him that she was a Christian and could not allow him to “live with” her daughter under her roof. She said by allowing such it was making a mockery of everything she stood for and therefore he was no longer welcome there.
The high-profile person left the place shocked at what he heard and this week was seen only once in the area dropping his friend – the woman’s daughter – off at the house.
Those close to this influential person are saying he used to take this woman to the apartment he rents for daytime romance. But given her sweetness, and his obvious weakness for more of it, he started going by her house some evenings and staying for a few hours.
It is thought that another reason the man stopped going by his apartment so frequently is that his wife, who is known to like “to block” if she thinks anyone has eyes on him, was closing in on the location. So he stopped going there to put her off that scent.
Some who know of the incident are wondering if this woman’s decision to cast out this popular individual may well be a sign of things to come.
We shall see.
Ticket no guarantee
A PATTERN BASED on geography seems to be emerging with a number of the layoffs that have taken place.
Unlike what some opposition politicos have been suggesting, it would seem that not only the people they brought on or sent for jobs when they were in power are being axed. What is also happening is that ruling party supporters have also been cut if the minister under whose tenure they were hired is no longer the one still in that ministry or responsible for that agency.
That happened at the National Housing Corporation and is now occurring at the National Conservation Commission. It is understood that it happened at other places too.
Just goes to show that the best job is one earned on merit and the requisite skill set.
Still flying high
WHILE MORE THAN 200 people are anxious about their future employment with a certain Government agency, given its mandate to cut a million dollars from its budget, that organisation will be spending thousands of dollars for some of its high-flyers to attend two seminars overseas.
The two groups will be jetting off separately to Jamaica and the United States. And while insiders contend that the Jamaica trip should be beneficial, they are saying in light of the budget cuts and the level of worker anxiety, it would have been better to organise live video streams from that meeting for a fraction of the cost than to send a delegation there.
As for the US trip, the insiders see that as a waste of money as the entity does not presently offer the programme, so it isn’t a necessity at this time – that is, unless it is being undertaken so those who gain the knowledge would be in a better position to advise how they can better cheer on the publicity loving politico in charge.


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