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PUDDING & SOUSE: Disgusted by affair


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THE TALK OF THE TOWN around a very popular district is about a young woman who has been sleeping with her child father’s best friend.
Every day when the man goes off to work, his best friend moves in and eats, sleeps and bathes at his house.
People are saying that she has this best friend so bewitched that he even drives her and her son around in his car. Neighbours are disgusted by the behaviour of these two people because both of them are horning their partners.
The best friend has been married for many years and he has refused to stop sleeping with this woman even though his wife found out about the illicit relationship because the conniving woman is always calling her and cussing her out.
Friends also cannot believe that he would cheat on his wife and allow this woman to be so disrespectful to her.
They want to know what this man will do when the woman gets tired of him and dumps him around the bend for his wife.
No more handouts
A?WELL KNOWN FOREIGN WOMAN who used to say she didn’t have to work because men would pay her to have fun with them has finally stumbled upon hard times.
Her situation has become so dire that she was forced to stop begging men for money and get up off her butt and work.
While she has linked up with another woman and the two of them are now selling food, people are waiting to see how long this will last since both of them are known for eating out of boxes.
However, some of the men, including one who hangs out by the shop this woman used to be frequent, are breathing a sigh of relief that they do not have to pull their pockets anymore.
The artful dodger
A?CERTAIN?man is walking around his workplace grinning from ear to ear because he was not among the workers who were sent home.
Apparently, he has been bragging to friends, telling them that he has his feet firmly planted even though he only has three years’ tenure and came in with no experience.
Other employees are still in shock that he was not given his walking papers because in those three years he has been involved in multiple accidents since joining the workplace.
Dirty linen
A DOCUMENT outlining a legal dispute between a man and his wife is mysteriously turning up in the Spooners Hill, St Michael area.
Residents have stumbled across the document stuck to bus stops, utility poles and bus shelters in the area.
The document is a dismissal letter written by the husband to his wife. It details why he is firing her and orders her to surrender all account statements, books and other possessions belonging to the business they once operated.
Residents are saying that whoever is posting the letter around the neighbourhood is creating a bundle of confusion.


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