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In the grip of indecision


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Before I poke at any current affairs, let me first say how grateful I am to Peggy Ward and Monica Ince. These two lovely ladies from various parts have offered me their Coke caps for entry into the World Cup Competition.
And on the topic of entry and lady parts . . . what is going on, fellow females? Trying to smuggle the bad coke into the island, in a “cylindrical shaped package” weighing two pounds? Isn’t that a tense situation in every sense?
Sometimes I wonder if legalisation or the end of prohibition would lead to a saner society, when one considers both the primary and secondary harm associated with the criminal market. But then again, we can’t decide whether we’re prohibiting the use of cellphones in schools, or not. Should we ban them? No answer yet.
The debates rage on in Barbados today. Listen to the call-in programmes and you’d hear arguments for the use of generic drugs (or as the moderator put it, “genetic drugs”) to whether funds should be used to build a new building or fix pipes; BRA, BWA (the BRA and BWA debates are interchangeable, if you suffer from rhotacism like Elmer Fudd) . . . should we do this or that? No answers yet.
What about banning a newspaper with an incorrect headline? If the newspaper corrects itself within the same week, is that enough? What about if we erroneously prophesy and predict future economic trends, based on our expertise? When the prognostications and extrapolations are erroneous, how should we then censure ourselves? Some may say there is a fundamental difference: one is a past record for relaying and the other an opinion of the future.
So, pray tell, what should we do?
It seems as if we’re “shoulding” all over ourselves on a daily basis. How about some justifiable action? Mrs Hoad could tell you about action. Firm, decisive and hoping that all parties are satisfied. That’s how you get it done. Leaders lead. Strategy is fully clothed before it is executed. Not running around naked for everyone to laugh at. Include all stakeholders and then make a decision before putting it to the market.
Ever hear Lalu Vaswani, Bizzy Williams, or one of them solid fellas bringing a half-cocked proposal to the public? Marketing 101: If you execute before you plan, plan to be executed.
It’s easy to get caught up in the daily quarrels, criticisms and even gossip. But at the end of the day, what really matters? Is it a cause for the greater good, a case of a bruised ego, or complaining for complaining sake?
As the learned lecturer in law, Professor Simeon McIntosh used to say: “One can easily rationalise, but not as easily justify.” If we bring justifications as opposed to rationalisations to the table, perhaps we can move more quickly along the developmental curve as a people. Understand the difference? Your wife says she has a headache: rationalisation or justification? If the headache isn’t real, she’s rationing her portions. Therefore, you’d be justifiably disappointed.
Veoma Ali is an author, actor, broadcaster, advertising exec and, most importantly, a karaoke lover.


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