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DEAR CHRISTINE: Group bullying a big problem


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Dear Christine,

I WOULD BE GRATEFUL if you allow me through your medium, to bring awareness to group harassment, a hidden form of terrorism.

​This is basically a very intense method of bullying where the perpetrators participate collectively to isolate and destroy an individual. The culprits take advantage of loopholes in the criminal and civil justice system to persecute their target, using well-orchestrated lies, rumours, set-ups, intimidation, framings, manipulated information, humiliation, emotional terror, bogus investigations and other bizarre psychological warfare tactics.

This organised harassment is a destructive criminal programme built on deception. It exists to serve the intentions of a few who are aware of its true agenda. Not all the perpetrators drawn into the network know the real reason behind the harassment of the victim, or even know the victim personally.

So why wouldn’t individuals in the community tell the victim what they know about what is going on? It’s because in group harassment silence is a key component and serves several objectives of this heinous crime. Some individuals who would like to warn the victim would not come forward for fear of being targeted.

Christine, this cowardly and criminal behaviour is active in Barbados and anyone can become a victim; it is that easy to perpetrate. The only recourse appears to be an appeal to the conscience of those involved in executing this wickedness. Would they want the same for any of their family or friends?

To the perpetrators, note: “Do not be misled: God is not one to be mocked. For whatever a man is sowing, this he will also reap.” (Galatians 6: 7-8)

Thank you, Christine.

Targeted Individual

Dear Targeted Individual,

I understand the details of your letter and it is true that group harassment exists. How to deal with it is something I am not fully aware of.

In those cases where the individuals involved in the harassment are known and there is proof of the harassment, you can inform the police who will carry out investigations to catch the perpetrators. In some cases though, there are no physical contacts or threats being made and the hands of the police may be tied.

Group harassment can be difficult to break because it’s a mind-playing game in some instances. Individuals are prone to think you are mentally ill when you share your experiences with them.

Also remember there is usually a leader or leaders behind group harassment. They gather their troops (and these can be any number of persons) who will stalk an individual with the intention of intimidating or wearing them down.

You have the alternative of consulting/involving your attorney for advice. In some cases, as long as you do not display fear, these perpetrators will stop their harassment.



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