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OUTSIDE THE PULPIT: Right move, principals


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For what will it profit a man, if he gains the whole world and forfeits his life? Or what shall a man give in return for his life? – Matthew 16:26 and Mark 8:36.

These days there are so many challenges and problems that are facing our principals, teachers and guidance counsellors, especially in our secondary schools.

The latest is the Sprayground backpacks with with images of bullets, guns, knives, marijuana and scantily-clad women. The price range for these bags are from $150 to $300.

I was very pleased when I read in last Friday’s WEEKEND NATION that secondary school principals had taken a zero tolerance approach to the images on the popular brand of school bags. Principals, you are right and I support you all the way.

We have enough issues to deal with in this society and our schools and principals must run your schools along the path that leads to righteousness.

I am very ashamed of those store owners who imported those bags with those bad images.

It may be all right to go after the money, but what about destroying the country and the society as a whole? Parents and guardians should not allow their children/wards to purchase such bags. Parents and guardians, you must take control.

It was very pleasing to note that it was reported by a sales assistant that one teenage boy who purchased a bag with the marijuana leaves image but his mother brought it back to be exchanged. We need more parents like that mother.

To you store owners, it one thing to make money, but it is another thing to carry out that social responsibility. I am therefore calling on the Government to ban such bags with those images now, before it is too late.

It is now the time for mainstream society to get active and fight back against these destructive forces.

There was a time when the school was a main vehicle for inculcating into our youngsters the road map for life, marked out in the religious texts such as The Bible.

Some people just buy things because they are the style, but why should a child be taking to school a bag with marijuana leaves or naked women on it?  Right is right and wrong is wrong. It’s not appropriate for school at all.


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