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Are the affairs worth it?


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Dear Christine,

Allow me to add my two cents’ worth to the whole saga of married men who step out of line and have affair after affair with women who cannot keep their legs closed, or who fail to understand the hurt and pain of the wives and children involved.

Some men can be so disrespectful and promiscuous that even if their wives keep a spotless house, work and contribute to all expenses, teach the children proper etiquette and discipline, cook like a chef, perform in bed with the ability of an acrobat and antics of a pornographic movie star, and keep and carry themselves in an attractive hygienic manner, some husbands will still go and have a mistress or two. They will give the mistress/es the impression that all is not well at home.

What mistresses need to understand, Christine, is that most of the time they are sharing the husbands with the wives and two or three other mistresses. Trust me, I know.

Is a wife supposed to overlook the fact that her husband has outside relationships just so she can celebrate another wedding anniversary?

What about when the husband brings home a sexually transmitted disease and passes it on to his wife? What is the wife supposed to do? Keep silent? Stick around? Fight with the other woman/women? How exactly is she supposed to react to her husband’s infidelity?

Despite what the mistresses do, they will always have to compete with the wives and the other mistresses. You see, men are a bundle of egoistic cowards and mistresses are so gullible they swallow anything they are told.

What percentage of mistresses ever become the wives of these cheating husbands? Very few. And a high percentage of those who do, are themselves cheated on by the husbands. Talk about reaping what you sow.

A leopard never changes his spots. These men will continue to have mistresses despite what is said and done and some women are willing to become mistresses for a few dollars, car rides, trips here and there, a car or house [or at least promises about a car or a house], and for a few hours of stolen pleasure whenever the woman’s husband has a few spare minutes or hours. Truly, is it worth it?

– K.Y.


Dear K.Y.,

You’ve said a mouthful and quite a lot of what you’ve said is true. While it might hurt and embarrass the women who are contributing to the break-up of a marriage, it might also help them to value themselves more and not be gullible enough to believe every lie they are told by the married men.

At least, I hope if they are so emotionally involved, and as willing as they might be, but unable to break the chains that bind, they would not inflict needless pain on the wives and mothers with abusive phone calls and all manner of disrespect.

There is also a lot of truth in what you said about men not marrying their mistresses, even though many mistresses hope to win the men over.

Adultery never pays off in the end; even when the husband or wife leaves their partner for the third wheel. Still yet, it is hard to convince those who play this game that it is often costly.

I guess every man and woman must learn for himself and herself and not necessarily from those who passed that way before, or from the statistics which show the sad results of infidelity.





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