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PUDDING & SOUSE: Student a pain in butt


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A university student seems to think he has some form of entitlement because of his mother’s perceived status.

This young man has been walking around campus with a snobbish and arrogant attitude – cussing out students and being disrespectful to even tutors and lecturers while letting everyone know whose son he is.

Recently, he so annoyed a group of students he was working with by bluntly refusing to contribute to the group project and when one of them confronted him he lashed out at her in front of the entire class, calling her every name in the alphabet starting with A, B and even C.

His tirade was extended even to the lecturer, who tried to get him to calm down and see the error of his negative behaviour.

The next day when he was asked to simply apologise to the class for his ungentlemanly outburst, once again he refused to do so.

The students, especially, are so fed up with this arrogant fool that none of them want him around. They want to know if he does not understand that even the mighty can fall as was evident in his own household not too long ago.

High-rise fear

Living in the new high-rise housing project in a St Michael area has become nothing but a nightmare for tenants, many of whom are just totally fed up with the long list of injustices they have to put up with.

The elevator is always out of order, and tenants are woken up not by an alarm clock but by a brawling woman cussing and quarrelling with everyone and by a young woman who likes to bare her soul.

The tenants want this destructive girl out of the building since they have discovered many things about her, including that she is working while still getting support from the Welfare Department.

Angry tenants want to know what housing officials are doing about the man who comes in and out the building fully loaded; about the people who use the stairs at night and leave their used condoms on the steps; the woman who parks her mode of transportation inside the building, leaving scuff marks on the wall; the person who is urinating on the stairs; the people’s children who keep on riding the elevator and destroying it; the people who throw water at other people when they are doing their laundry; the men on the block who traverse in and out of the building selling drugs whenever they like.

Hardworking tenants who occupy the building want to know how Government can build these units in the midst of this terrorising neighbourhood and give them absolutely no protection or security. They want to know if something serious has to happen for housing officials to take note.

Educated fool

Remember that last week we told you about the lazy supervisor who is always in the rum shop? Well, he made a very big toast when someone showed him the newspaper article while he was having a drink with his big-up friends.

He was overheard saying that he was happy that the courses and training programmes which he implemented over the years eventually taught his staff to read and write articles because when they first came to work none of them knew the difference between Chinese and English.

Well, staffers want him to know that he is nothing but an educated fool who hangs out in the rum shop while his job has to be done by those who have far less knowledge than he has.


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