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DEAR CHRISTINE: Just setting him up for the kill


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Dear Christine,

I want to have my story printed in your column so that my friend who thinks that I am a young fool can read it and perhaps change his lifestyle.

I am a young, professional woman who has always been independent. Last year, I met a much older professional man in his 60s. I knew him, but he did not know me.

Christine, he fell hard for me. I must admit that I like him but I am not in love with him. He pursued me constantly and called me each day.

I found him to be an okay kind of guy who was young at heart, but I also felt he needed to act his age.

This is now four months into our friendship. Yes, I got involved with him. This is the part that I need for him to understand. I may be young, compared with his age, but I am no fool.

I am quite aware that I am not the “one and only” that he wants me to believe. I am well aware of the other women he talks to. That’s why I will not have sex with him without the use of a condom.  

Christine, you may ask me why I am doing this. It is because these men sometimes believe that because they own a nice home, drive the latest SUV and have money in their pockets, they can buy whichever woman comes along.

I am not to be bought, but if he wants to throw his money around, that’s his business. I am not going to ask him for any.

This man hurt a very good friend of mine and she took it very hard. Let me say, she has no idea that I am seeing this guy as she is no longer around. Right now, I am only setting him up for the kill.

He believes he has me wrapped around his fingers, but he does not. I am simply a willing agent who will play along until I get fed up and leave. This will hurt his ego.

The thing is, Christine, while he believes he is fooling me, little does he know that I have a boyfriend who is on a job attachment overseas.

Once he returns, that’s it for me and this man, who I understand believes he has found the perfect catch.

– Sweet Revenger

Dear Sweet Revenger,

Your letter and purpose for writing puzzle me. I am left to ask the question: How can someone hate herself so much to the point that she would subject herself to have sex with a man whom she really cares nothing about?

Is your thirst for revenge so great that you’re willing to play such a game?

I’m literally shaking my head in disbelief and have no advice to offer you. I will tell you, though, that “what goes around, comes around” and “whatever a man/woman sows, that will he/she also reap”.



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