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DEAR CHRISTINE: Cheating husband wants second chance


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Dear Christine,

MY HUSBAND was a good man until a wretch of a woman came and lived near us. 

I used to like her and she used to come to our home. We had parties together, where we would cook the food and even share in the “spoils” (the proceeds).

Just before Christmas I noticed she was making up to my husband. When I asked him about it, he would say it wasn’t anything.

Anyhow Christine, a friend told me the two of them often met at a certain place. I went and saw them for myself.

Christine, I do not mind telling you that I got on bad. I told him not to come back because it is my house he is living in. I don’t know what is wrong with the man because we used to live very good together.

He did not go to her home as I thought he would; he went to his aunt’s. Now she is telling me every time she sees me how he begs pardon. He also wants to come back home.

I love my husband. We have worked neck and neck together for what we have. It hurts me to my heart to see how he and this woman were making a fool of me. He sends letters by the children asking me to let him come back.

To tell you the truth, Christine, I am so vex I don’t know what to do. As a woman, tell me what to do.

– C.L.

Dear C.L.,

I honestly believe that your husband loves and cares for you despite the fact that he has had a relationship with this woman. I cannot condone what he has done but resisting temptation is not always easy for everyone.

You’ve said that you love your husband. Bearing in mind all the love that you said existed between you two before this woman came into the picture, I encourage you to take him back. If this was the first time that he had an extramarital relationship, give him a chance. Fight for him; don’t fight against him. He has already expressed regret about his actions in a number of ways, so find it in your heart to forgive him.

I believe both of you should sit down and have a serious discussion about his infidelity and then put it behind you. Don’t remind him of it, or nag him. It will make things worse. Your neighbour will go to sleep with a smile on her face each night if she thinks she has been successful in ruining your marriage.

Cheating is often a two-way street; it takes two to do so. Both your husband and this woman are to blame.   

Concerning her, let you husband know that any close friendship between you, him and her will be out of the question if you choose to take him back.



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